Canadian International Grains Institute

Advancing Pulse Flour Processing and Applications

Project Description

Under the Advancing Pulse Flour Processing and Applications project, Cigi (Canadian International Grains Institute) and the Canadian pulse industry are continuing the development and optimization of pulse flours as high-quality food ingredients to further their commercial use in pulse-based products. Cigi is working as a technical partner with Pulse Canada, industry members, universities and food development centres to provide its expertise and knowledge in developing practical product applications and processing solutions to enhance the value of Canadian pulses. The project is funded through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP) with financial support from Pulse Canada.

Project Objectives

This project will develop processes optimized to maintain the nutritional quality of pulse flours in food product applications. Roller milling technology for pulses will be used to generate commercial capacity for value-added pulse ingredients that cater to the flour quality and supply needs of the global food industry. The specific food applications which will be addressed under this project include breakfast cereals, instant noodles and pasta or extruded snacks. The objectives will be accomplished through the following means:

  • Involvement of collaborative partnerships and advisory groups on product applications
  • Identification of critical nutritional and functional quality characteristics of products
  • Determination of the effect of pulse ingredients on the critical nutritional and functional quality of products
  • Optimization of the performance of pulse ingredients for nutritional and health outcome indicators (via raw material selection, pre-milling treatments, milling, post-milling treatments, formulation, processing)
  • Quality assessment of optimized final products

Project Deliverables

  • Furthering technical knowledge and expertise related to optimized performance of pulse flours to achieve nutritional and health outcome goals in a variety of food product applications
  • Engagement of the food industry in the functional use of pulse flours in food product formulations
  • Creating expertise related to the optimization of commercial production of pulse flours developed through the roller milling process
  • Transfer of milling knowledge to the international and domestic pulse and food processing industry

How will the food industry benefit?

  • Increased exposure of Canadian pulses and pulse ingredients to the food industry
  • Knowledge development to further increase value of Canadian pulses in food applications
  • Development of processing recommendations to maintain nutritional quality of pulses throughout food processing
Contact us:
Heather Hill, M.Sc.
Project Manager, Pulse Flour Milling and Food Applications
Phone: (204) 984-3139
The Pulse Milling and Utilization Project has been made possible by these organizations:
Cigi TV – Advancing Pulse Flour Processing and Applications

Cigi TV is a series of 3 minute videos about the innovative projects and programs that happen here at Cigi.

January 2016 marks the start of International Year of Pulses and in this Cigi TV episode we focus on work underway on a new pulse project at Cigi. Heather Maskus describes the project’s objectives to work on nutrition and health targets for products sometimes viewed by consumers as less nutritious such as breakfast cereals, instant noodles and extruded snack foods, and the role the inclusion of pulses can play in achieving nutritional goals.

Summary of Results
Advancing Pulse Flour Processing and Applications

Pulse Ingredient Development for Breakfast Cereals, Instant Noodles and Pasta

Webinar presented by Heather Hill, Cigi’s Project Manager of Pulse Flour Milling and Food Applications.

The project goal is to improve the nutritional quality of food products like breakfast cereals, instant noodles, and pasta using optimized pulse flour ingredients.