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Before coming to Cigi I didn’t even know durum wheat existed, so it seems fitting that my final two weeks at Cigi before returning to school have been all about durum wheat. In August, Cigi held two programs focused exclusively on Canadian durum wheat – the Latin America Durum Wheat Program and the Japan Durum … continue reading →


In June, Cigi hosted its first-ever Philippines Technical Exchange program. Although Filipino participants have been a part of other Cigi programs in the past this was the first technical exchange focused specifically on that market. Cigi sees the Philippines as a potential growth market. Yvonne Supeene, Cigi’s Head of Baking Technology, said that the Philippine … continue reading →


I was surprised when I looked over the agenda for the Canadian Grain Industry Overview program. It was the second Cigi program I was a part of and it was full of Canadians! I thought Cigi’s programs are usually with international participants, and they are, but there are a few during the year for Canadian … continue reading →