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Dr. Rex Newkirk is the Vice President, Research and Innovation at the Canadian International Grains Institute. Rex was raised on a farm in Southwestern Saskatchewan and received a B.Sc, M.Sc.and Ph.D. from the University of Saskatchewan, where he had also been a professional research associate from 1997 to 2003. While at the University of Saskatchewan, he worked closely with the Canola industry to adapt their processing methods to reduce processing costs and increase meal quality of the plants in Canada and abroad. He also helped develop revolutionary new processing technology which was patented and commercialized through a company (MCN Bioproducts Inc) which he co-founded with two other scientists at the UofS. All 100 issued patents and all rights to the technology were purchased by Bunge in 2012 who is using this technology to add value to canola through the development of new markets in aquaculture made possible by the technology. Since 2003, Rex has held a number of positions at Cigi including Director of Feed, Director of Biofuels and Feed, Director of Research and Business Development and most recently Vice President, Research and Innovation. In this position, his responsibilities have been expanded to include enhancing Cigi’s involvement in research that creates additional opportunities for Canada’s field crops. Rex has provided technical support and training across Canada and the globe and is recognized internationally for his work on innovations in Canadian Field Ingredients.
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The Canada Grains Council and Grain Growers of Canada held an excellent conference at the end of November in Ottawa entitled “2012: The Dawn of a New Era in Canada’s Grain Industry.” The conference was attended by senior representatives from across the grain industry and government. I attended on behalf of Cigi and used the … continue reading →


Cigi provided hands-on training to staff from the Manitoba Canola Growers Association on the production of biodiesel to help the industry spread the message of renewable fuel from Canadian crops. Cigi has provided hands-on training and support in biodiesel since 2007, having conducted over 80 courses across Canada as well as public demonstrations of biodiesel production at shows such … continue reading →


The participants of Cigi’s Latin America – Canada Milling Program last week reported during media interviews that they have come to rely on the quality of Canadian wheat and trust the system that ensures they receive high quality grain. A story filed by Reuters also reported that the CWB undersold grain to gain customer loyalty. … continue reading →