Brazilian inspections group at Cigi to learn about Canadian system


Brazilian Regulatory Program participants visit the CGC's Grain Research Laboratory.

Representatives from Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply and the Federation of Agriculture of the State of Rio Grande do Sul are at Cigi this week attending a program to gain an understanding of the Canadian regulatory system for grains. Primarily involved in inspections and regulations for both domestic and imported agricultural/food products, the participants are learning about the key players in government and the private sector who are responsible for designing and implementing Canada’s grain regulatory systems. The program includes opportunities for discussion between the participants and representatives from the Canadian Grain Commission, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Health Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the University of Manitoba’s Plant Science Department, as well as others from the Canadian grain industry.

Rick Morgan, Cigi chairperson of the program, says while the group is learning about the Canadian regulatory system to compare it to, or help improve their own system, the program can also enhance their overall understanding of Canadian grain imports into Brazil. “Because these are government regulators who inspect imports, if they understand our system better it could make the importing of Canadian grain products easier. They are learning about the care we take with quality and inspection, and the high standards involved, which can help improve the whole process.”