Canada’s high-quality wheat attracts strong customer interest during 2017 new crop missions


In a year marked by the production of high-quality wheat in Canada, customers in Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, North America and Latin America received data and information essential to their wheat purchasing decisions during the 2017 Canadian new crop missions.

Top wheat buyers were in attendance at new crop seminars held in 18 countries in November and December underscoring the importance of these annual face-to-face discussions in maintaining and building strong customer relationships. Customers representing the majority of the market share in the countries visited attended the seminars.

New crop seminar attendees heard from the entire value chain including farmers and exporters as well as representatives, scientists and technical specialists from Cereals Canada, Canadian International Grains Institute and Canadian Grain Commission. This distinctly Canadian approach is well received by attendees as it provides the opportunity to ask presenters questions ranging from technical issues about milling and baking qualities to farming practices including how growers decide what they grow and how grain quality is monitored in storage.

“This seminar is the best way to engage buyers,” said one Latin American customer. “It gives us the opportunity to discuss how best to add value to our products.”

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Cereals Canada President Cam Dahl said new crop missions are important for the information provided to customers and also for the information brought back to ensure the Canadian industry is ready to respond as needed. “The seminars provide a window of opportunity for customers to talk directly with the entire Canadian value chain, which then in turn has an impact on areas like research and innovation.”

Additional meetings with individual customers were scheduled in several markets along with tours of mills, bakeries, and pasta and couscous facilities, providing an opportunity to gather further feedback from customers.

“New crop missions are a two-way exchange of information that helps build trust with customers, ensures we continue to meet and exceed their expectations, and facilitates a closer working relationship with them on behalf of the Canadian industry,” said Cigi CEO JoAnne Buth.

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  • Doug Chorney, Canadian Grain Commission (l) and Eric Vielfaure, Cargill at the seminar in Singapore. New crop missions provide the opportunity for customers to talk directly with the entire Canadian value chain.