Canadian farmer interviewed on radio while on new crop seminar in Tunisia


Alberta grain producer Greg Porozni spoke with Golden West Radio’s Cory Knutt on December 12 from Tunisia while participating in Canadian new crop quality seminars held in the Middle East and North Africa from December 5 to 16. While on the mission, which also covered Morocco, Algeria, and Dubai, Greg presented on farming in Canada and growing conditions he experienced this past crop year. In addition to farming, Greg (second from right in photo taken of the group in Morocco with Canadian ambassador Sandra McCardell) also serves on the board of directors for the Alberta Wheat Commission and is chair of the board for Cereals Canada.

The seminars in the Middle East and North Africa were the last of a series of new crop missions held in Asia, Latin America, and the European Union. During the past five weeks, Cigi, the Canadian Grain Commission, and Cereals Canada joined together in a successful ‘Team Canada’ approach to present quality information on the new crop to customers and end users of Canadian wheat and durum in a total of 20 countries.

Listen here to the interview with Greg Porozni aired December 16, courtesy of Golden West Radio.
greg porozni – north africa