CIFST Meeting in Niagara Falls May 2012


The bi-annual Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology meeting was held in Niagara Falls ON, May 27-29, 2012. The meeting featured the best of the Canadian food industry including all members of the food value chain. A session specifically on pulses as ingredients, co-ordinated by the organizers, highlighted the use of pulses as flours, proteins and starches, and included a talk by Heather Maskus specifically on the Cigi Pulse Flour Milling and Utilization Project. Overall the meeting was a success, giving Cigi the opportunity to connect with members of the food industry and listen to the challenges they are facing in new product development. It is because of these connections that Cigi can help to identify solutions to these challenges, enabling food industry members to produce better products and create market opportunities for  Canadian crops that bring value back to farmers.