Cigi going crackers with pea fibre


Cigi has been determining how much pea hull fibre can be included in crackers to achieve a high level of fibre equivalent to approximately 20 percent daily value of dietary fibre per 28-gram serving.

“This compares to zero fibre in a refined wheat flour cracker,” says Gina Boux, Cigi Technologist. “We have developed this formulation for a clinical trial on behalf of a research organization that required  four to six grams of fibre per serving. Although fibre incorporation at this level can be challenging, we were able to meet this target using pea hull fibre.”

Gina says that although formal sensory testing was not conducted at Cigi, pulse area staff found the product tasted much like a soda cracker. “The pea hull fibre helped to produce a very acceptable cracker. It is a very neutral, mildly flavoured ingredient.”