Cigi promotes use of canola meal for feed in Middle East


Animal nutritionists from major companies in Egypt and Jordan recently learned about the use of canola meal as feed at seminars presented by Cigi on behalf of Dubai-based Al Ghurair Foods. Al Ghurair imported about one million tonnes of Canadian canola for crushing in the past year.

Rex Newkirk, Vice-President of Research and Innovation at Cigi, and Daniel Scothorn, a Canadian dairy nutrition consultant, presented to about 150 representatives in New Cairo, Egypt and 70 in Amman, Jordan in early March at the request of Al Ghurair.

“Al Ghurair set up the seminars, inviting all the major (animal) nutrition companies dealing with dairy, poultry, cattle, and water buffalo, “ says Rex. “The first time I did this for them was in Saudi Arabia four years ago and it worked out really well. Al Ghurair crushes (oilseeds) in Dubai and sells to the regions around them. They are trying to get companies closer by to start to use their product rather than ship it further away.”

He explains that the company has crushing plants which switch between commodities such as cottonseed, soybean, or canola. Purchases of Canadian canola have increased annually over the past few years. “Of course our goal is for them to continue to use (Canadian) canola as they are significant buyers. That’s why we are so willing to go over as independent consultants to provide them support. “

Although soybeans are commonly used for animal feed and are heavily promoted by the U.S. in the region, use of canola meal is not as well known in the Middle East, Rex says.

“With about a million tonnes of canola to crush and potentially more to buy in future, Al Ghurair needs to sell their meal. For dairy nutritionists, for example, it makes sense to use it for feed as they will make money by reducing their costs.”

He says the seminars drew a large turnout that resulted in a lot of questions and discussion. “As a result of the seminars there have already been requests for quotes on purchases from Al Ghurair.”

Also, listen here to Rex’s interview with radio reporter Kevin Heppner aired on March 18, 2014, courtesy of Golden West.

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