Cigi staff discuss new crop seminars in radio interviews from customer countries


Cigi technical and management staff have been recently travelling on new crop quality seminars for customers of Canadian wheat around the world. Seminars were arranged in a total of 20 countries with trips to Asia, the European Union, and Latin America recently wrapping up. The final new crop mission for the year will be held for customers in the Middle East and North Africa on December 8-15.

JoAnne Buth, Cigi CEO, and Dave Burrows, Vice President of Cigi Client Relations and Communications, were part of the group from Cigi which partnered with representatives from Cereals Canada and the Canadian Grain Commission in a “Team Canada” approach to provide grain buyers and end users information they need on the quality attributes of the 2014 Canadian wheat crop.

In November, Golden West Radio’s Al Friesen spoke with JoAnne while on the mission in Asia and reporter Cory Knutt interviewed Dave at the end of the mission in Latin America.

Listen here to the interviews, courtesy of Golden West Radio.

JoAnne Buth interviewButh interview

Dave Burrows interviewBurrows interview

Photo: “Team Canada” representatives from Cigi, Cereals Canada, and the Canadian Grain Commission in Bogota, Colombia.