Cigi TV – University Research on Pulse Protein


Pulse Processing Research_UofM_PF_160323_14Welcome to Cigi TV, a short video to keep you up to date with the innovative projects and programs that happen here at Cigi.

Cigi collaborates with different sectors of the grain industry to provide the best support possible to the value chain. In this episode of Cigi TV we focus on a pulse research project underway at the University of Manitoba and how Cigi’s facilities and resources are helping in the investigation of the effects of different processing methods on pulse protein content and quality.

Enjoy the video!

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More about pulses:  As part of International Year of Pulses, Cigi is hosting a two-day workshop, Practical Use of Pulses in Healthy Foods, April 26-28, 2016. Focusing on pulse processing innovations, this workshop will provide an understanding of the functional and marketing advantages of pulse ingredients and how to generate increased value in food products. Click here for more information.

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