#CombinetoCustomer: fueling farmers’ knowledge


At Cigi, we take great pride in the work we do within the Canadian grain industry value chain. So it is no surprise that each winter we look forward to hosting farmers, whose heart and soul are an essential link in that chain, during Combine to Customer programs. The ‘C to C’ program provides farmers with a broad overview of the grain industry, offers a forum for learning about customer quality requirements and how Canadian wheat is used in different products and fosters discussion about issues important to growers. Cigi welcomed producers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta during four programs held from January through March. It’s a great opportunity for all to learn, share and grow together in this ever-changing agricultural landscape.

Cigi CEO, JoAnne Buth, who met producers attending the C to C programs, said, “Because wheat is so complex and is used for so many different products around the world, farmers are always impressed with where their wheat goes and what customers are looking for. I think it helps emphasize the importance of good field management and storage practices to maintain the high quality our Canadian wheat brand is known for.”

In a heartfelt tweet one of this year’s participants wrote, “Such an awesome Ag learning experience at CIGI, thank you so much! @CigiWinnipeg #CombinetoCustomer.” Thank you to each of our C to C participants for their enthusiasm and to western Canadian farmers for their on-going support of Cigi’s work within the value chain. Interested producers should contact their provincial wheat commissions this fall to find out how you too can experience Cigi’s Combine to Customer programs.

Here’s a glimpse of this year’s C to C programs in pictures.

  • Evaluating Canadian wheat flour quality.