Canadian International Grains Institute

Enhancing World Markets for Canadian Pulses through Secondary Processing and Value Added Research

Project history and funding

In 2006, Cigi partnered with the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) and the Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers (MPSG) to undertake processing and value-added research on pulses. The overall goal of this research was to enhance Canada’s image as a supplier of quality pulses and to support the domestic industry in value-added initiatives. In 2010 funding for the project was renewed for an additional five years. Continued support from SPG and MPSG enables Cigi to maintain a high level of pulse research activity in support of Canadian producers and the pulse industry.

Project objectives

Cigi’s overall objective is to undertake secondary processing and value added research on behalf of the Canadian pulse industry and to utilize these findings in the promotion of Canadian pulses in domestic and international markets. Specifically, this project will undertake secondary processing and value added research for the pulse industry and will utilize these findings to undertake technical market development activities and promotion of Canadian pulses.

How will the pulse industry benefit?

These studies brought new and useful knowledge to the industry and the project has contributed to helping Canadian pulse producers to market their products more competitively in domestic and international markets. This research is important as enhancing nutrition and functionality of pulse ingredients can make pulse crops even more desirable and marketable to both the consumer and the food industry.

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Peter Frohlich, B.Sc.
Project Manager, Pulses and Special Crops
Phone: (204) 984-6142
Gina Boux, B.Sc.
Technologist, Pulses and Special Crops
Phone: (204) 984-1063
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