Evolution of Canada’s wheat industry focus of presentation to International Grains Council


During the International Grains Council (IGC) meeting in London, England on December 6, Cigi CEO Earl Geddes updated members on the grain marketing transition in Canada.  The 40-minute presentation focused on the evolution of the Canadian industry with respect to farmers, grain companies, customers, CWB, CGC and Cigi following the move to an open wheat market in Western Canada in August 2012.  Representatives from IGC member countries attended the meeting.

Earl says the presentation was well received and provided an opportunity to ensure international officials were aware of how the transition has gone over the past 16 months.  “The key message was that the transition has gone well overall and that Canada’s reputation for having the best wheat in the world remains intact. Everyone in the industry is working together to deliver on that brand promise to ensure customers continue receiving the quality, customer service and support that they have come to expect from Canada.”

See a copy of Earl’s presentation here: IGC December 6, 2013 London.

The IGC is an intergovernmental organization administering the Grains Trade Convention, 1995 (GTC). It seeks to further international cooperation in grains trade; to promote expansion, openness and fairness in the grains sector; to contribute to grain market stability and to enhance world food security. These objectives are sought by improving market transparency through information-sharing, analysis and consultation on grain market and policy developments.