Canadian International Grains Institute


Cigi’s commodity-based technology facilities feature a large variety of processing equipment. Our technology staff use these facilities to provide technical training and support in the analysis, processing and end-use applications of Canadian grain and field crops, and to conduct applied research on processing methods and products.

Analytical Services

The Analytical Services lab conducts analytical and rheological tests on wheat, flour, semolina, pulses and special crops. It has a wide range of equipment commonly used in quality control labs in commercial operations, such as flour mills, ensuring accurate, relevant testing processes and analyses. The data is used to assess quality attributes key to the production of various end-products, including bread and other baked goods, pasta, couscous, and Asian products including noodles and steamed bread.

Asian Products

This area evaluates Canadian wheat, pulses and other field crops for their suitability in Asian noodles, steamed breads, dumplings and other end-products. The pilot noodle line simulates processing of all major types of noodles under commercial practices – fresh, dried, steamed, boiled, frozen, steamed and deep fried, and steamed and hot air dried noodles. The facility also has lab scale noodle equipment and a steamed bread processing machine.


Cigi’s pilot bakery is equipped to simulate practices in large and small commercial bakeries throughout the world. It includes a variety of mixers, molders, baking pans and ovens to evaluate baking performance in pan bread and other baked goods including flat breads, hearth breads, buns and bagels. The test bakery is equipped with specialized equipment for small-scale baking. Baking evaluations are conducted on all classes of Canadian wheat as well as pulses and other field crops.


Pilot and lab-scale mills are used to evaluate the milling qualities and attributes of all Canadian wheat classes, as well as pulses and other field crops. Focusing on the commercial application of Canadian wheat, Cigi’s pilot flour/durum mill provides maximum flexibility, efficiency, yield and product quality using the smallest industrial units available. Laboratory milling equipment is used for small-scale milling of samples.

Pasta and Extruded Products

Cigi’s pilot pasta plant produces pasta to commercial standards with the ability to accommodate relatively small semolina sample sizes. The pilot plant simulates formulations, drying conditions and products familiar to pasta plants around the world. Lab-scale equipment is used for small-scale processing. Evaluations are done on Canada Western Amber Durum wheat, as well as other Canadian wheat classes and pulses. A research grade twin screw cooking extruder is used for investigative work in the production and evaluation of various extruded products such as healthy snack foods and breakfast cereals using pulses, cereal grains and special crops.

Pulse Processing and Specialty Milling

Testing and evaluation is conducted with Canadian pulse crops, primarily peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas and faba beans. Pilot-scale dehulling and splitting equipment allows for processing of a large quantity of pulses with maximum efficiency. Laboratory-scale equipment is used to process small quantities for research purposes. Milling and fractionation equipment is used to further process pulses into flours and fractions.