Farmers trying out noodle samples made at Cigi from new wheat variety


More than one thousand packages of 200-gram noodle samples were recently produced at Cigi for a Canadian seed company as part of a fee-for-service project evaluating a Canada Western Hard White Spring variety. The company is commercially launching the variety this winter and distributing the noodle samples to farmers at upcoming agriculture shows and through a grain company which has helped arrange for packaging.

“The noodles took 28 days to process at Cigi in September and October,” says Esey Assefaw, Head of Cigi’s Asian Products and Extrusion Technology.  “This was the largest volume of noodles processed at Cigi at one time and the first time samples will be mass distributed to farmers. This is a unique opportunity for them to try a finished product processed from a new variety.”

Rex Newkirk, Vice-President, Research and Innovation, says the project is an example of the many ways Cigi is able to work with industry in the evaluation and promotion of Canadian wheat.  “Not only are we able to provide the quality evaluation to the company but in this case we were able to provide samples for them to distribute.  For farmers curious about different end products made with their wheat this gives them a tangible product to try.”

The dried white salted noodles are popular all over Asia, particularly in China, Taiwan and Japan, Esey says. Several years ago Cigi worked on a similar project with the Canadian Wheat Board in which samples of spaghetti produced from a specific Canada Western Amber Durum variety were boxed and given by the CWB to farmers and customers.

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