Canadian International Grains Institute

Development of Gluten-free Products using Pulse Ingredients

The Cigi Advantage

PF-Gluten-Free-1-Pager_14102801_thumbThe Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) is creating a global advantage for Canadian field crops by working as a technical partner aligned with the Canadian pulse industry, providing unbiased knowledge and practical product application and processing solutions to enhance the value of Canadian pulses.

Together with industry partners, universities and Canadian Food Tech Canada Centres, Cigi is creating a better understanding of the potential of pulse flours as functional food ingredients in gluten-free product applications under the Development of Gluten-Free Products Using Pulse Ingredients Project.

Project Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of global gluten-free markets
  • Expand knowledge on the functionality of pulse and other gluten-free ingredients
  • Improve the quality of pulse based gluten-free foods
  • Identify challenges and present solutions during scale up production of pulse based gluten-free foods
  • Provide technical support to promote pulses as ingredients in the gluten-free industry

Project Design

Phase 1: Gluten-free market assessment
Phase 2: Characterization of gluten-free ingredients
Phase 3: Gluten-free product development
Phase 4: Knowledge transfer and process scale-up

Project Outcomes

  • Identify opportunities for pulse ingredients in global gluten-free food markets
  • Build expertise and knowledge focused on developing, processing and testing
    of pulse ingredients and high quality pulse based gluten-free food products
  • Transfer knowledge to the pulse and gluten-free industries through;
    • Webinars
    • Hands-on technical training
    • Website content

Benefits to the Pulse Industry

  • Development of a knowledge platform for utilizing pulse ingredients in gluten-free applications
  • Increased opportunities for Canadian pulse ingredients in global gluten-free food markets
  • Availability of technical support and practical solutions to food companies when using pulse ingredients in gluten-free applications
Contact us

To learn more about the Development of Gluten-Free Products Using Pulse Ingredients Project or to discuss your application needs please contact:

Heather Hill, M.Sc.
Project Manager
Pulse Flour Milling and Food Applications
Phone: (204) 984-3139
Peter Frohlich, B.A., B.Sc.
Project Manager
Pulses and Special Crops
(204) 984-6142
Funding provided by AAFC’s Agri-Innovation Program, and by The Alberta Agriculture Funding Consortium.
Gluten-Free Faba Bean Bread

Gluten-Free bread made with 50% faba bean flour. Lindsay Bourré, Technical Specialist in Cigi’s Pulse department, shows how Canadian pulses incorporated into gluten-free products provide more nutrition and better value for the crop.