Grain exporters workshop designed to enhance customer relations


Participants at demonstration in Cigi's pilot bakery

Participants at a demonstration in Cigi’s pilot bakery

A group of grain company merchants are attending Cigi’s two-day Canadian Grain Exporters Workshop on September 12 and 13 to further their understanding of Canadian wheat and durum, world markets, and the requirements of customers in various countries.

Workshop participants are spending time in the Canadian Grain Commission learning about grain research, the varietal registration system, CWRS gluten strength, and grading factors. At Cigi they are participating in technical sessions in milling, analytical services, baking, and the processing of pasta and noodles where they will learn about the functional quality of flour and the impact of wheat classes and degrading factors in commercial processing and evaluation.

The workshops were arranged at the request of the Canadian grain export industry so that their staff will have a solid understanding of the impact of various conditions on the functional quality of wheat protein, says Cigi CEO Earl Geddes. “This is intended to properly position them to address customer questions with the newly harvested grain that each year has different degrading factors resulting in shifts in functional properties. Cigi is putting forward a very focused and detailed technical program designed to raise the level of knowledge of the impact of these factors and other characteristics on the ability of customers to successfully use Canadian wheat.”

The current program is the first of two fee-for-service workshops that Cigi is holding this month; the next one is scheduled for September 26 and 27.  For more information or to register, click here.