Canadian International Grains Institute

Influence of thermal treatments on the flavour and quality of baked products

Project Overview

Pulses are an excellent source of nutrients when incorporated as ingredients in processed food products. Interest from food processors to use these ingredients in food products is high, however beany off-flavours found in these crops hinder the wide spread adoption of these ingredients by food processors. Cigi has been utilizing pulses as food ingredients for a decade and is currently investigating the use of pre-milling seed treatments to address the flavour issues of pulses to increase their level of appeal to food processors. The proposed study will investigate the effects of pre-milling thermal treatments and their role in the deactivation and/or augmentation of undesirable beany off-flavours of pulse flours as ingredients focused in baked product applications.

Project objectives

  • Utilize thermal treatment methodology (micronizing and roasting) to pre-treat Manitoba grown yellow peas, navy beans and faba beans.
  • Mill untreated and treated pulses using a single stage vertical striking mill.
  • Assess flours for compositional and functional properties focused on and relevant to baked product applications.
  • Optimize pulse flours use in pan bread, tortillas and pita breads.
  • Assess final quality characteristics of baked products using instrumental and sensory evaluation techniques.
  • Transfer knowledge to food industry and promote use of Manitoba pulses in baked applications.

Benefits to Farmers and Industry?

  • Gaining value for Manitoba grown pulses through applied research using Cigi’s expertise, by optimizing pulse flour ingredients for various baked applications.
  • Transfer knowledge to farmers, pulse processors, researchers, government and end-product manufacturers to exemplify utilization of pulse ingredients in specific food applications.
Contact us:
Peter Frohlich, B.Sc.
Project Manager, Pulses and Special Crops
Phone: (204) 984-6142
Gina Boux, B.Sc.
Technologist, Pulses and Special Crops
Phone: (204) 984-1063
This Project has been made possible by the Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers