International customers attend durum wheat program at Cigi


International Durum Wheat Program participants learn about Canadian grain grading at the Canadian Grain Commission.

International Durum Wheat Program participants learn about Canadian grain grading at the Canadian Grain Commission.

WINNIPEG – Senior-level representatives from 13 countries are attending the International Durum Wheat Program at Cigi (Canadian International Grains Institute) in Winnipeg this week. The program, which runs until August 15, includes lectures, laboratory sessions, field visits, and pilot processing demonstrations on Canadian durum wheat.

The 22 international participants represent trading organizations, mills, and processing companies from Algeria, Colombia, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Peru, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela.

Topics will include breeding, production, grading, handling, transportation, marketing, milling and end-use processing. One session will look at the use of pulse flour and durum wheat in the production of noodles. Canadian industry representatives will also be on hand for discussion.

“Canada is the world’s largest exporter of durum wheat, especially to Italy and North Africa, where Canada Western Amber Durum is key to the production of high-quality pasta and couscous, “ says Earl Geddes, Cigi CEO, who is heading the program. “This program will focus on the latest innovations related to end-use applications for CWAD as well as providing us with information on customers’ requirements. This is our opportunity to reinforce the connection between high-quality products and Canada’s ability to provide the best durum wheat in the world.”

Learning firsthand about all aspects of CWAD and meeting face-to-face with Canadian industry representatives will help the participants make more informed decisions about their purchases, he adds. “This program is important to the industry as it helps maintain Canada’s international reputation for high-quality durum exports as well as to ensure customer satisfaction.”

In addition to the sessions at Cigi and a tour of crop plots near Winnipeg, the participants will visit durum plots at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, an inland terminal elevator, and grain farm near Swift Current, Saskatchewan. The group will then travel to Vancouver, British Columbia where they will tour a terminal elevator, the Canadian Grain Commission, and the Port of Vancouver.

Also, during the week of September 1, Cigi will be holding a Japan-Canada Durum Wheat Program for Japanese customers.  Japan is a major importer of CWAD where it is used primarily for pasta products.

Cigi is an independent market development institute created in 1972. More than 39,000 people representing grain, oilseed, pulse, and special crops industries from 115 countries have participated in Cigi programs and seminars. Cigi’s mission is to create a global advantage for Canadian field crops through the delivery of technical expertise, support, and customized training to the domestic industry and customers around the world. Cigi is funded by farmers, the Government of Canada (AAFC), and industry partners.


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