Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA) Marketing Course—Starbuck


To provide participants with training on risk management and marketing of canola, with specific focus on marketing analysis and hedging strategies using futures and options. The role and function of a futures exchange and clearinghouse will also be discussed. This two-day course will include take-home materials, interactive review of questions and numerous examples.

Course highlights include:

  • The role of an Exchange and Clearinghouse
  • Description of Futures contracts
  • Hedging with Futures
  • Carrying Charges and Spread markets
  • Description of Options
  • Hedging with Options
  • Cash contracts and hedging strategies
  • The delivery/shipment process in a futures contract
  • Fundamental analysis and sources of information
  • Electronic Trading

Dates, Times, and Locations

Starbuck, MB—March 6 & 8, 2012
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Registration Fee:
Regular Registration $25.00 CAD

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