Noodle & Steamed Bread Workshop in Malaysia Focuses on Canadian Wheat


I have just come back from beautiful Malaysia after participating in a Noodle and Steamed Bread workshop organized by the Interflour R&D and Commercialisation Centre.

The workshop was well organized and well attended with participants representing markets from Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. There was lots of interaction between participants sharing different experiences.

The program was divided into two days for noodles and one day each for starch and steamed bread. The program had a lecture and hands-on practical session format.

Some of the topics covered during the lectures were classes of Canadian wheat and Canadian wheat quality for Asian products processing, functionality of flour components and major ingredients in noodle processing, effects of starches on Asian noodles and steamed breads, machinery and processing of Asian noodles, and Canadian wheat quality for steamed breads.

Hands-on practical sessions were performed by participants divided into groups. There were different types of flours brought by the participants from their respective market areas. These flours and CPSR and CWRW flours were processed into various types of noodles and steamed end products consumed in their respective markets and quality evaluation was performed. The end-product qualities of these flours were ranked based on consumer expectations and standard quality evaluation parameters. Discussions held after the product evaluations focused on future improvements.