Reporters interview Latin American Millers at Cigi course


The participants of Cigi’s Latin America – Canada Milling Program last week reported during media interviews that they have come to rely on the quality of Canadian wheat and trust the system that ensures they receive high quality grain. A story filed by Reuters also reported that the CWB undersold grain to gain customer loyalty. To clarify, this is neither the position of Cigi nor the practice of the CWB. 

The CWB has faithfully worked to achieve the highest return for producers while understanding the needs of the customer and delivering the product they expect. Customers pay a premium for a premium product and we feel this will continue in the future. Cigi is working diligently with grain companies to ensure customers continue to receive the high quality, consistent product they have come to rely upon. Western Canadian wheat is protected by a very reliable system involving varietal registration that ensures the varieties grown meet customers’ demanding needs and the Canadian Grain Commission has a rigorous and dependable grading system which ensures transparency for everyone involved. Cigi works closely with buyers and sellers so everyone understands and values the merits of western Canadian wheat.