Snack Food Extrusion Course


Update: The Snack Food Extrusion Course has been moved to October 29th and 30th.

After five editions in Europe, Snackfoods Technology Platform joins the Americas with a completely updated program and combined with practical theme sessions at Cigi’s Pilot Facilities (Cigi = Canadian International Grains Institute).

These are the only extensive programs in Europe that cover a wide range of topics with specific practical aspects! The progams look at the major snack foods markets, such as potato chips, extruded specialty snacks, bakery snacks and nuts. In previous four programs, over 220 participants attendees actively participated . This 5th program offers an updated BASICS and an additional TRENDS & NEW DEVELOPMENTS program.

The BASICS Practical Short Course is presented as a crash course for new plant personel. It offers a great opportunity for those who are experienced to meet experts in the field and discuss their current problems to enhance their plant operations. The TRENDS & NEW DEVELOPMENTS Practical Short Course will serve as a useful reference for processors, product formulators, chemists and technicians as well as business managers familiar with extrusion, nutrition, snack food processing, extruded snacks and tortilla chips.

Location & Dates:
Cigi in Winnipeg, MB
Oct 29-30, 2012

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