Canadian International Grains Institute


The multi-disciplinary Cigi Technical Division of Cereals Canada team combine industry knowledge and experience with specialized training to offer a unique variety of capabilities and expertise.


Lisa Nemeth
Director, Markets
Phone: (204) 228-3628
Elaine Sopiwnyk
Director, Grain Quality
Phone: (204) 292-9867
Finance and Administration
Holly Marchak
Manager, People & Business Resources
Phone: (204) 291-8808
Charity McDonald
Phone: (204) 983-7177


Analytical Services
Kristina Pizzi
Manager, Analytical Services
Phone: (204) 984-6076
Shona Fraser
Technical Specialist, Analytical Services
Phone: (204) 983-8584
Robyn Makowski
Technician, Analytical Services
Phone: (204) 983-6214
Kasia McMillin
Technologist, End Products
(Asian Products and Pasta)
Phone: (204) 984-1831
Yulia Borsuk
Manager, End-products
Phone: (204) 983-1055
Karen Pitura
Technical Specialist, End-products (Baking)
Phone: (204) 984-9952
Rosa Boyd
Technologist, End-products (Baking)
Phone: (204) 984-4995
Gina Young
Technologist, End-products (Baking)
Phone: (204) 984-9952
Norbert Cabral
Manager, Milling
Phone: (204) 983-2171
Muhammed Adetoro
Technologist, Milling
Phone: (204) 983-1031
Pulses and Special Projects
Lindsey Boyd
Technologist, Pulse Science Cluster
Phone: (204) 984-6142
Lindsay Bourre
Technical Specialist, Projects
Phone: (204) 984-1063
Ashok Sarkar
Senior Advisor, Technology
Phone: (204) 230-0274