UPDATE: Sept 2, 2011 Ontario Quality Scoop


All of the composites have been milled and analysis is almost complete. I have updated the slides with all of the analyses that has been completed to date. There was an increase in No. 1 Grade wheat across all regions and classes. It was really nice to see very little to no sprout damage as well as very low levels of Fusarium damaged kernels.

The overall quality of Ontario SRW is quite consistent with last year and there is not much variability among regions despite higher protein values in the Southwest. The only thing that really sticks out is the high Lactic Acid SRC values that were measured in No.1 CESRW from the Niagara region.

The results are still coming in for the remaining CEWW and CEHRW samples, but early indications show no surprises and the same level of consistency that was observed in this year’s CESRW composites.

I am still hoping to get enough Ontario hard red spring wheat together to make a composite…if you have some send it to me!

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