Webinar – Pulse Flour Opportunities in Bakery Products


This webinar will focus on the potential of using pulse flour as an ingredient in various bakery product applications. Solutions to challenges faced during product development of pan breads, cookies, tortillas and pita breads will be discussed. Opportunities for the development of gluten free pitas, tortillas and pizza crusts will also be presented.

Join us to learn about:

  • How to select the right pulse flour for your product
  • How much pulse flour can be added
  • How adding pulse ingredients affects product processing

Presented by: Lindsay Bourré
Thursday, December 5th , 2013
10:00–11:00am CDT

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Lindsay Bourré is a Technical Specialist on Cigi’s Pulse Milling and Utilization Project. Activities of the project include investigating the effect of milling method on pulse flour functionality and the inclusion of pulse flours as ingredients in various food applications. Lindsay holds a Master of Science degree in Food Science from the University of Manitoba. Her thesis examined the incorporation of pulse flours as ingredients in Asian white salted noodles.