Canadian International Grains Institute


Providing Technical Expertise & Market Support to the Canadian Wheat Value Chain

Cigi has over 40 years of experience working with the wheat value chain domestically and internationally. About 85 percent of Cigi’s work is focused on Canadian wheat including customized programs, training and targeted technical support for customers and commercial partners. We also undertake applied research focused on crop attributes and end-product functionality.

Below are a number of reports and posters on analytical methods, quality data and research activities related to wheat as well as Cigi’s wheat market support programs and activities for the current fiscal year. Our blog also features a number of posts about Cigi’s wheat-related activities.

Market Support Activities 2017–18

Cigi works on behalf of the entire value chain and solicits the input of our industry partners and stakeholders to guide our market support programs and activities. This ensures that Cigi leverages its technical expertise and market knowledge in the best interest of the value chain as a whole.

For more information on Cigi’s program schedule for 2017–18 please click on the handout to the right.

Wheat Quality Data

Analytical Methods

Research Posters